Fat Reduction

Fat Reduction

If you are tired of flabby arms, we offer a fat reduction solution that is extremely effective. Arms can be one of those trouble spots that get flabbier and flabbier as people age. Even if you have lost weight everywhere else – the area under your arms may still look larger than it should. Exercise can help but there are only a few exercises that specifically address this area and many people find that they are simply not effective enough.

We can perform a procedure on the area underneath your arms and produce dramatic results while we’re at it. This is unlike other plastic surgery options because it is NOT surgery. This is a completely non-invasive procedure so your skin is never cut into. This means that you won’t have any pain, and there is no recovery time so you can take a break from work, have the procedure completed, and head back to the office.

There are several types of non-invasive procedures that offer fat reduction. The biggest difference is that you can target the specific areas you want to address. Instead of not knowing where the fat will come off, you can select certain areas to treat. This allows you to have fat melted away from under your arms without it impacting your chest. Our clients love this feature because it places them in control of their appearance just like they would be if lifting weights that are targeted towards a certain area of the body. The big difference is that this can be done leisurely and doesn’t require hours of sweating in the gym.

The procedure works using LED light technology. LED light penetrates underneath the skin and starts to attack the fat cells. Next, the lymph nodes are stimulated so that the body will flush the fat and any water that it is holding onto. The flushing process is how the fat is eliminated from the body. Basically, the LED light stimulate the fat elimination process which is something that your body has difficulty doing on its own. The process itself is very natural and since it is non-invasive, there is no cutting and nothing is put directly into your body. This is ideal for people that want results but without the risk.

Fat reduction can be difficult when you try to do it on your own. Whether you have gained weight through having children, years of working behind a desk, or genetics – exercise and eating right is not always enough to get rid of fat in the areas like under your arms. We understand this challenge and our procedure offers you a way to reach your goals without the frustration. Instead of feeling hopeless or hiding underneath a long sleeve sweater, schedule an appointment for your own procedure and see how amazing your arms look when you are done.