Genna G.

I recently had my third session with the LED light therapy to help to lose weight. I was pleasantly surprised with the amazing results. I have lost 2 inches from my waist, and 9 pounds in just 3 weeks in doing these treatments. I was very skeptical at first as far as seeing any results, but this therapy works incredibly well. Dr. Prestin and his staff are very courteous from the moment you walk in. All in all I am very impressed with my experience at Ventura Slim and Trim. The results have been fantastic, and I cannot wait to see the results after even more sessions.*Results May Vary


John R.

Dr Prestin you are the Best. Your advice from our consultation last year helped me drop 70 pounds within 6 months. I would recommend anyone to Dr Prestin who is looking to lose weight. Thank you.*Results May Vary


Joanne A.

My name is Joanne Azoo. I’m an editor, actor and Lead Investigator for Ojai Paranormal Investigators.

We’re on camera a lot and I needed to look good for my age…um 60…that’s the new 30 right?

I love Ventura Slim and Trim! The doctor and staff are amazing, making it enjoyable to walk into their office every time! And they’re so accommodating too and help work around my work crazy work schedule.

Most importantly, I have been able to meet my goal in wrinkle reduction with their Miracle Mask… and fat reduction with the Ventura Slim and Trim…at a cost that is affordable with effective results! And zero pain. They’re just magic lights!

I like the fact that these products/services are natural! I was just about to resort
to fillers for the lines around my mouth but I chickened out. Not because of needles…but because of the end results that I have seen in people…and it’s not pretty.

At Ventura Slim and Trim I just lay back and let the lights work…I think of it as my literal Beauty Rest! Magic Lights…getting oxygen into the skin…and letting collagen grow.

Lights that melt the fat cells making you shrink a few inches.

I’m a real patient…a real believer…this is the best thing I’ve done for myself!

Thanks Ventura Slim and Trim!

I really love you guys!*Results May Vary


Gennady G.

I came in yesterday for my first session to do the LED treatment on my stomach. I was certainly very skeptical, as to the results of a treatment like this. To my surprise the results were amazing. I weighed myself at my gym right after I did a workout immediately following the treatment session. I went back to my same gym today, and weighed myself after my workout, and to my shock I lost more than 3 pounds, in just 24 hours. I did not do anything different from my normal routine. My waist also shrunk by over an inch. This was after just one session. Needless to say, i am looking forward to see the results after session 2! Thank you Dr. Prestin and staff.*Results May Vary


Svetlana K.

I went to Dr. Prestin for a consultation. I wanted to lose some weight and slim my waist. Dr. Prestin and the staff were great. Dr. Prestin took the time to explain the treatment in great detail and addressed all of my concerns. I decided to proceed with the recommended treatment and was pleasantly surprised with my results. I lost 12 lbs. and 8 inches around my waist. I highly recommend this office and treatment to anyone who wants to lose stubborn fat.*Results May Vary


Michelle L.

I’m very satisfied with my experience and had great results. I lost 8 1/2 inches in less than 4 weeks. The procedure is relaxing and always made me happy knowing this technology was helping me lose inches that I couldn’t lose with exercise. I was able to diminish several problem areas. The staff is very friendly and you feel welcomed and comfortable every visit. Try it, you will like it.*Results May Vary.

* Individual Results May Vary