Lost 16.38 overall inches, 17.2 pounds total, 11.6 pounds of fat, 3.5% body fat, 2 points of visceral fat, and is 10 metabolic years younger.

Lost 13.25 overall inches, 61 pounds total, lost 5.5% body fat, 46 pounds of fat, and dropped 8 points of visceral fat.

Lost 14 inches, 28 pounds total, 20 pounds of fat, 4.2% body fat, 3 point of visceral fat and is 3 metabolic years younger.

Lost 11.78 overall inches, 19 pounds total, 7 pounds of fat, 1.1% body fat, and dropped 1 point of visceral fat.

Lost 9.3 overall inches, Lost 6.6 pounds / 4.8 pounds of fat, Lost 2.1% body fat, dropped 1 point of visceral fat and is 6 metabolic years younger.

Lost 17.5 inches, 10.8 pounds total, 7.8 pounds of fat, 5.9% body fat, 1 point of visceral fat and is 17 metabolic years younger.

Lost 9.75 overall inches, 17 pounds total, 10.2 pounds of fat, 2.5% body fat, and dropped 3 points of visceral fat.

Lost 26.5 inches, 30 pounds total, 31 pounds of fat, 12% body fat, 4 points of visceral fat, and is 29 metabolic years younger.

Lost 11.2 overall inches, 14.8 pounds total, 9.2 pounds of fat, 2.6% body fat, 1 point of visceral fat, and is 9 metabolic years younger.

Lost 19 inches, 23 pounds total, 18 pounds of fat, 5.5% body fat, 3 points of visceral fat and is 12 metabolic years younger.

Lost 16.5 inches, 22.2 pounds total, 16.8 pounds of fat, 3.6% body fat, and 3 points of visceral fat.

Lost 18.5 inches, 23.4 pounds total, 16.2 pounds fat, 5.8% body fat, 4 points of visceral fat and is 4 metabolic years younger.


Lost 13 inches, 12 pounds total, 12 pounds of fat, 5% body fat, 1 point of visceral fat and is 14 metabolic years younger.

Becky Breuning
Becky Breuning
I lost 3 inches my first visit
Ignacio F
Ignacio F
With one visit, an assessment visit, I felt the difference right away. I am getting 10 more visits, and we’ll see how it goes. Had a great first visit. Thank you Doctor
Amy Griffin
Amy Griffin
Dr. Prestin has been my chiropractor for over 13 years. He cares about his patients’ recovery. He is a highly skilled chiropractor and goes beyond to provide holistic care for my family. From nutritional needs to treatment for pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction, Dr. Prestin is my family’s trusted provider of choice.
Inge Benson
Inge Benson
Kind very knowledgeable staff, Debora helped me a lot with my weight. Also gave me ideas on what to make for healthy meals. I’m so thankful for the help to maintain my weight loss. Thanks to everyone in the office
Amanda Kolp
Amanda Kolp
At the beginning of December 2022, I was given the opportunity to start putting my health first. I signed up for the ChiroThin and Laser Light Therapy. As first, I thought that I was going to be very hungry but with the help, guidance and support from my friends, family and especially the team at Ventura Slim and Trim, I have lost over 35lbs. My energy is up, headaches and allergies are under control. I don't crave coffee like before. I am able to wear my clothes feeling confident and happy how I look. I highly recommend everyone to give it a chance and take that first step. It's all worth it.
Olympia Hugo
Olympia Hugo
Dr. Prestin and his team are professional, courteous, knowledgeable, communicative, and proactive. My husband and I have been patients of his for over 6 years. We appreciate his care for us as people not just patients and his attention to our overall health. He educates us about our bodies and our health. He has offered us resources and referrals over the years to help us make educated decisions about our health. He is intentional and thorough in each of our adjustment visits. We highly recommend Dr. Prestin.
Kim Robie
Kim Robie
My name is Paul and I’ve never been on an eating plan before but when I got up to 325 pounds I knew I had to something! Not only for my health but my wife and I were expecting our very first grandchild! It was time……my wife heard about Ventura Slim & Trim on the radio and “suggested” I give it a try. We set up a consultation with Deborah who was very thorough and helpful and explained the eating plan in detail. Dr Prestin and his staff were always available via email or text to answer questions and were exceptionally supportive and encouraging! (Kudos to Dr. Prestin, Deborah and Maribel) I followed Ventura Slim & Trim’s eating plan for 42 days and am happy to say I have a total weight loss of 42 pounds! I was very skeptical in the beginning but by adhering to the clean eating plan I was never hungry and felt better than I have in years. My joints don’t hurt as much and I can move around so much better. If you’re considering a weight loss plan I strongly recommend Dr. Prestin’s Ventura Slim and Trim!! What have you got to lose?
Kristi Hamilton
Kristi Hamilton
Very personable and wonderful customer service
judith sagmaquen
judith sagmaquen
I am so appreciative of the Ventura Slim and Trim Team. In these last few years I have gained so much weight from life and personal stresses. I did not feel healthy or myself anymore, my weight gain affected me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I've tried other methods for weight loss but it was unsuccessful for me it only brought me to discouragement and defeat. At this point I knew I needed to seek help to make those healthy changes and goals. Through research and reading reviews I found Ventura Slim and Trim. The team of people working for Dr. Prestin are "incredible" they are very caring and serious in seeing their clients achieve their personal goals. Especially Deborah, I want to thank her for being such a great coach, her availability, her encouragement to me, she meets with me once a week to answer any questions I may have and is keeping me on track and it has helped me with my weight loss. So far I have lost 20lbs. And I am still on my journey to losing more. Slim and trim is more then just a weight loss program it really brings you to healthy outlook with food and in insight into your healthy life changes and choices. I would definitely recommend Ventura Slim and Trim to anyone who desires those healthy life changes.
Drew Delaine
Drew Delaine
Dr. Prestin gave me nutrition education, which allowed me to shed weight, gain muscle and develop healthy eating habits. Changing my bad habits has allowed me to feel good both physically and mentally. Shout out to Dr. Prestin and his fantastic team!




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