Success Stories


Carmen lost a total of 13.75 inches overall and 12.8 pounds, which includes 8.6 pounds of solid fat.

* Results May Vary


Beverly has lost a total of 13.25 inches overall and 10.2 pounds, which includes 5.6 pounds of solid fat in only 4 weeks.

* Results May Vary


In her first 28 days using the technology that’s available at Ventura Slim and Trim, Hailey lost 10 pounds and 5.25 inches! She was only using the technology i but she’s also seeing changes in her stomach as well!

* Results May Vary


Tiffany is down 4.75 inches in her first 12 days using this light technology. * She’s excited!

* Results May Vary


In her first 30 days, Winnie is down 11.5 inches from her stomach and legs using this technology.*

* Results May Vary


In her first 28 days, Nivia lost 9.5 inches off her legs and stomach using the same technology available at Ventura Slim and Trim.* She is so happy!

More results ahead!*

* Results May Vary


In just 45 days, Dan has lost over 11 inches from his stomach, his is down 25.4 lbs., his visceral fat is down 3 points, and he lost 14 lbs. of pure fat! *

* Results May Vary


Johnny has had tremendous results. He lost a total of 18.5 inches overall and 23.4 lbs, which included 16.2 lbs of solid fat!

* Results May Vary


Kathy has really changed her shape! Down 21.25 inches — fast!*

She says:
“I knew that my body was capable of changing but the many other ways to lose inches and pounds all failed. I was frustrated. Then tried this technology and I can say it works!”

* Results May Vary


Jerry lost 14.75 overall inches.*

“I am so pleased with the results. It’s the beginning of a new me!”

* Results May Vary


In her first 26 days, Kim is down 11 Pure Fat Pounds, 4.25 inches, and her visceral fat is down 1 point.*

“People are telling me that I look great, and they are noticing the physical changes!”

What a great beginning of change! More progress to come!

* Results May Vary


Anita is down a total of 15.75 inches in only 45 days!*

* Results May Vary