Technology Vs. Surgery

Technology Vs. Surgery

Any surgical procedure carries risks and complications. Concerned with the risks many people struggle with weight loss and on their own when help is within reach. We offer a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that is FDA-cleared and completely painless. Our technology is ideal for anyone who is worried about the risks associated with traditional surgery.

Our patients appreciate that with our help they do not have to choose between procedures that could be risky, and getting help with weight loss. Instead, they can get the help they need and still have peace of mind that the procedure is safe and effective.

Risks associated with surgery

There are obvious risks associated with any surgery. These include:
1. Infection
Any time that an incision is necessary, there is going to be a greater risk of infection. While a plastic surgeon will do their best to mitigate this risk, there is still a chance of an infection. Anyone who is prone to getting infections or worries about the likelihood of this happening should consider avoiding elective surgery. Since our treatments are entirely noninvasive, infection is not possible with our patients.

2. Excessive bleeding
Another risk with surgery is that a patient may suffer from excessive or uncontrolled bleeding. This can be a life-threatening complication. For anyone who has a blood disorder or difficulty with blood clotting, this risk can make traditional plastic surgery impossible. Since our non-surgical fat reduction treatment does not involve any cutting, there is no blood and no risk of excessive bleeding.

3. Complications
In addition to the risk of an infection or excessive bleeding, there are a variety of unknown complications which can occur after plastic surgery. This chance of complications is due to surgery being dramatic. The body is not anticipating going through this experience nor can it handle the surgery without proper recovery time.

This means that once someone goes under the knife, there are an untold number of complications which can arise. Fortunately, there are no known complications and/or side effects with our noninvasive procedure.

Financial considerations
Beyond the health risks associated with traditional surgery, there are also financial implications that must be considered. Plastic surgery can be very expensive. This makes it outside of the realm of possibility for many people who really do need help. Our treatments are considerably more affordable.

We find that patients of varying financial and professional backgrounds visit our office for help and find our services affordable. We will go over price options during the medical consultation.

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